How to Choose the Right Calgary House Cleaning company for your home?

by admin - October 5, 2020



This is simply an art. This should be easy and don’t make this complicated.


If you’ve ever hired household help before, you understand just how frustrating it is to get the correct service who will leave you happy & satisfied.


After all you’re paying for a house cleaning service, and what good is it if you have to pay someone & go back and re clean it yourself.


That is the unfortunate reality of the situation at the moment.


The Reality is, Pricing or Quotes are tough for cleaning companies, we don’t know what to expect when we come to your place. Sometimes our clients lie too so it goes both ways! So it’s really hard to give you a proper pricing based on what I just told you. I’m not saying everyone lies but it’s facts.  But let’s get back to why we are on this topic.


Out of those companies you speak to on the phone, the majority will never show up & cancel last minute or decide to show up super late to a house cleaning job. Once most of these housekeeping companies & their employees arrive, you’ll most likely face a language barrier from the start.


Here’s the scenario,  so you show them a round of what needs to be done & they get started. They’re finished in less than 2 hours, collect their payment, and leave. Only for you to find out there are a lot of missing areas and the cleaning was less than subpar. Of Course trying to reach them is impossible so you hire another house cleaner, who also fails at cleaning properly.


At this point you cut your losses after having wasted so much time & paying for 2 separate services, you decide to do the work yourself.


And this is not what we want for you to go through, so here are a lists of what to look for…

When hiring a maid service look for the following:

  • Ask for insurance & bonding in case something is stolen or broken in your home
  • Make sure ask to Meet them before the actual cleaning to get to know your future cleaners
  • Introduced your Pets if any.
  • Make sure they bring their own cleaning supplies or Provide the ones you like for the maids.
  • Make sure they offer flat rate & upfront pricing. This is way better than hourly trust me!
  • Have them do a before & after walk through on the day of the cleaning to make sure you’re satisfied.
  • Make sure the maid  service is able to easily describe their services
  • Ask if they  have any guarantees in place they can honor just in case you’re not satisfied
  • Be sure you read their Websites and learn more about the company.
  • Be Aware of their Policies and Procedures.

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