COVID-19 Compliance 

 ​Our Approach to Your Health & Safety is our number #1 Priority

  1. All of our staff are required to stay home if they are showing symptoms of the cold or flu so that they can rest and get better and they must be medically cleared to return to work. This may slow down our operations a bit, We ask that you continue to be flexible with us while we ensure our team is at a 110% shape as our schedule might change due to the circumstances,

  2. Our #CleanMachine Team and ALL of our Teams

    is educated and adhere to proper hygiene and handwashing. Signs are up in our office reminding staff to wash their hands when they enter your home and after cleaning your home. We also have diagrams on what proper hand-washing looks like and for how long they should be scrubbing with soap for. Always remember to lather the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails. Scrub your hands for at least 20-30 seconds.

  3. Clients who have been outside the country MUST postpone their regular service for a minimum of 14 days as mandated by Health Canada as a precautionary measure.  You will not be penalized for re-booking or canceling a clean for this purpose.

  4. We implore our clients to call us and let us know if they are or were ill within the last 14 days of their scheduled visit.  They MUST cancel or postpone a regularly scheduled visit to allow for the mandatory 14-day quarantine period (or longer preferably) before one of our staff can visit.

  5. We make sure and mandate that our staff washes their hands immediately upon arrival in addition to wearing gloves as an extra precaution. Our gloves are disposable and are changed when appropriate then thrown away after each clean.

  6. A DIN Registered & Approved Disinfectant (drug identification number) for use against COVID-19 called Swish Quato 78/ Lysol Disinfectant Plus is used to ensure that all areas, touch-points, and applicable surfaces are properly disinfected for your safety.

  7. We Absolutely do not cross-contaminate our cleaning cloths. All cloths are color-coded and every used-cloth is kept separate in a property-specific laundry bag. Used-cloths NEVER EVER go from one home to the other.

  8. Once delivered back to our facility, our used-cloths are soaked, bleached, and washed in hot water for over an hour and a half. We dry them on the hottest setting for over an hour to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.

  9. We make sure that every time we clean, we are committed to wiping down the touch areas of your home. We define touch-points as door handles, taps, remotes, light switches, phones, etc. with our  Swish Quato 78 plus disinfectant. If you would like an item added to our list, please let us know.

  10. We have a daily morning staff huddles to educate our team on updates from Canada’s Public Health Websites and any recommended changes to the COVID-19 Protocols in place.

Here is what we need from you:

– Please Let us know what you need. Let your maids know if you would like them to wear gloves while in your home in which case we normally do anyways. Call the office with any other requests. – Cancel if sick. Please cancel your cleaning appointment immediately if you or a family member is experiencing flulike symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19.
– Pause service if necessary. We will gladly save your spot and freeze your price for up to 60 days.

Prepare to keep your distance and kindly wear a mask. To protect you and our employees, we ask that you try to remain 6 feet away from each other and wear a mask.

We want to assure you all that we are taking this seriously. It is our intent to be proactive and to limit risk to everyone’s wellness by being prepared. We will keep you updated as the situation evolves.

Please feel free to reach call the office 403-923-6888  or email us- [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Our original clients pre-covid-19 are our number one priority, and we thank you for continuing to support us and our team during this inevitable dark period, small businesses are about to experience.

We feel privileged to be Calgary & Edmonton #CleanMachine Team #SpeedyGTeam #SuperMaidsTeam
We are fully committed to continuing to be diligent in our disinfection practices with the safety & well-being of each and every one.
We will continue to follow all rules regulations and adhere to all Practices that will evolve and change as recommended or mandated by Health Canada and the Government of Canada.  Our client’s health and safety is our number one priority.

Thank you for all your support!

We will overcome together again soon! Be safe!

Cleanersmaid Team Management


**UPDATED**  – September 22/2021


To Ensure that all our staff follow the strict guidelines from the government of Alberta about Covid 19- We ask that all our Clients at home to please be not present on our initial clean this means that Clients must leave your premises prior to us coming. We realized that this is tough for some of our clients but this is a mandatory law that’s just been passed and we need to abide by it.  Our Cleaners understand the importance of Safety & Protocols in place. We also realized that when we do residential cleaning there are only a few people in the house but we still have to follow these rules and guidelines to fight Covid 19. Thank you for understanding, Together we can fight this terrible pandemic that plague us worldwide. Please stay safe and God Bless you all.

Cleanersmaid Team Management


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